Bulletin October 1, 2017



October 1, 2017


The Prelude & Lighting of the Candles

Call to Worship Hymn: This is the Day – Page 657

The Welcome and Invocation: Rev. Dennis Wilkes

*Affirmation of Faith: The Apostles’ Creed – Page 881

Announcements: Bruce Cram

Hymn of Grace: Victory in Jesus – Page 370

Hymn of Grace: My Jesus, I Love Thee – Page 172

Responsive Reading: Canticle of Christ’s Obedience – Page 167 Clifford McKenzie

Celebrations, Joys and Concerns: Rev. Dennis Wilkes

*Lord’s Prayer: Congregation

*Gloria Patri – Page 70

Gifts of Our Tithes and Offerings – Doxology

Greet One Another – We welcome all visitors.

Anthem: Is My Name Written There? – Choir

Sermon: “How to Say I Can”

Philippians 4:13



Closing Hymn: My Faith Looks Up to Thee – Page 452

Closing Prayer and Benediction: Rev. Dennis Wilkes


*Those who are able please stand
Prayer List:
Edward Ellard, Phyllis Freels, Bryce Wiley, Tommy Kelly, Crystal Teague, Sawyer Likins, Chuck and Ginny Wirth, Kyro Turner, Jim Akin (Pat Ryals Uncle) Kathy Cox, Ryan Jackson

The Pastor and all members of Confidence UMC and all those lifted up in prayer during this time of worship.


Church Calendar and Updates:

Adult Sunday School at 10:00 till 10:45 AM
Choir Practice Wed. October 4 @ 6:30 PM
Bible Study Wed. October 4 @ 7:00 PM
Fellowship Lunch Sunday October 22
Samaritan’s Purse Christmas Box – Nov. 19

Birthday Celebrations for October:

Geri Schauer 10/1

Anniversary’s for October:

Chuck and Genny Wirth 11/4, Joe and Sue Caples 10/17


Sermon Notes: “How to Say I Can”

A common expression for most of us is “I Can’t “. To transform this expression into the words “I Can” is made possible through Christ. This transformation is not a magical formula activated by repeating words but rather by a hidden power within the believer that enables us to do anything.


Welcome: All are welcome at this worship celebration. We especially welcome our first-time guests. Please visit us again soon.


Pastor’s E-mail address: dbwilkes@windstream.net
Home Phone – 706-282-0499
Minster of Music – Ron Smith – 706-886-0975


Web site – avalonngumc.org